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The Metadata New Orleans Campus is the first campus of the Church of Blessing, which officially began in 1989 when Watson Reed Pasta Dennis Watson saw God, and he had a vision to build a church that would love and change life. At that time, a small group of Christians gathered at a gym in John Curtis Lower School and a celebratory church was born there. Initially, the number of congregation was small, but as the church moved to various facilities throughout the year, the congregation gradually increased. From August 2005 (two weeks before Hurricane Katrina), the Church of Blessing merged with the Baptist Church in Shingetsu City in 2001 to acquire the current facility at the current airport. Despite the storm, the rally has grown to thousands of believers every week and has been successful.

Established in 1989


The Bible-based program "Revrecover" is a balanced program that helps overcome our wounds, worries, and customs. This is based more on the actual words of Jesus than on the psychological theory. Twenty-five years ago, the Saddle Back Church launched a "rebret recovery" with 43 people. It was designed to help people suffering, customs, and suffering by showing the power Jesus Christ loved through the process of recovery. The Rebret Recovery helped more than 17,000 people in the saddle back and attracted more than 70% of the members from outside the church. 85% of those who attended the program stay at church and nearly half of them volunteer at church.