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Gauthier Houghtaling continues the tradition of good legal representation established by Wendell Gorges in the early 70s. Gauge Haugering has been one of the most influential and respected law offices in the south for the past 30 years. Wendell Gorja was ranked as one of the National Law Journal's "Nations Top 10 Lightation Belglehes", National Law Journal's 1985, 1990, and 1995 as the "National Low Jourl" 1 of 1. Georgia has now national prominently as a leader of a 100 legal body negotiating a $350 billion settlement with the tobacco industry. Since 2003, the company has attracted more than $100 million for corporate and personal customers. The New Orleans company represents more than $1.4 billion in interest in the deal. Affected by Hurricane Katrina and Ike, the company is held from class owners to various victims

Established in 1985


John Hoogering's Gaugey Hogaring is one of the most influential and respected law offices in the South, dedicated to seeking justice. We deal with natural disasters & Individual claims details, including claims for flood damage, claims for insurance, maritime law, product liability, class litigation, and litigation for automobile accidents

John Houghtaling runs Houghtaling LLP, a majority of its Gauthier partners. The LLP set the stage for the $358 billion U.S. cigarette settlement in 1998 and won a four billion dollar settlement.  

Houghtaling started moving $8 per hour files in Gauthier Form in 1996. At the time, Wendell Gaudia led a coalition of 100 law firms against the U.S. tobacco industry, and in 1998 he waged a spectacular battle with a $358 billion U.S. cigarette settlement. The  Gauthier and his partner took Houghtaling out of the file room and promoted him to Attorney in 1997 and Attorney in 1998. By  2013, Houghtaling will be published in the article titled ""Famed N.O." on the cover of CityBusiness Magazine magazine. It explains how Hooguttering, a practice governed by a new lawyer, rose within "8 years from the archive to managing the company's partners.

2014, Houghtaling's career was introduced in CNN documents for an hour

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