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Michael A. Bruxard got a degree in law at the University of Loyola in New Orleans, Loyola in 1987. He was admitted to all courts of Louisiana, the Eastern District Court of Louisiana, and the Fifth Assizes of the United States. Michael has been a lawyer for four years in the United States Army Engineers Corps. He was a Louisiana Administrative Law judge who tried more than 750 cases. The Louisiana District Court held trials before the Executive Court, the City Court and the Paris Court and appeared in federal, bankruptcy, the Louisiana Fourth Appeals Court and the Louisiana Fifth Appeals Court. Michael also attended a conference of various licensing committees and parish.

Established in 1987


Personal injury, accident, injury: Free of charge - Recovered vehicle accidents, travel and falls, medical expenses collection, loss of wages, pain and property damage. Success: Property, will, trust, debt collection, compensation for workers, contract, defense of contractors, adoption and divorce, suspension and cancelation of the Japan Coast Guard

For 29 years, he was an attorney for personal injury, property, debt collection and divorce.

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Michael and Gale have helped me to lead the results of a successful individual injury case. I'm out of town, and I'm seriously injured by their negligence. Michael and Gale explained this process to me, and there were very thorough and perfect experts.

This incident took a long time to resolve, not because they were lacking in effort, and I listened to my story and told me the direction I wanted to go. They didn't tell me what to do unless they heard their opinions.

We strongly recommend their services.

12/28/2020 05:35pm